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How can we protect ourselves against electromagnetic radiation?

As world citizens we are bathing in a sea of electro-magnetic radiation. Often we are told that the source of this radiation is the earth itself or the cosmic radiation from deep space and the sun and this is true to some extent. We, and in fact all living things, have an electro-magnetic body that is intimately connected with the fields of the earth, with the cosmos and with each other. This web of interconnectedness is what makes us a part of the world and of a collective humanity. It is not only our source of inspiration and light but is also our natural battery charger, our natural energy supply, we can’t live without it. At night as we sleep, we make good use of these fields to replenish and repair our physical body as well as our emotional and spiritual well-being.

These electro-magnetic fields are in fact our sea, even as we swim through it, we don’t see it but do feel its resistance. Just like two magnets either repel or attract each other with a measurable force our attraction to the earth is also measurable. In our body these fields are also repelling and attracting all sorts of molecules, water droplets, blood and cells in a myriad of different ways, all essential to our wellbeing. They provide energy and carry information throughout our body. The complexity, speed and connectedness of these processes has left those trying to explain or even really understand just how it all works fumbling and guessing. And we all just go on knowing that it works, but also hoping for ourselves that it will keep working.

Until of course the moment we tried to become smarter than all of this. The moment we let science tell us how it all works and that we were ourselves not smart enough anymore to still believe what our own body was saying, what nature was saying, and place ourselves in the hands of the scientists. In fact, we are being given less and less freedom to follow our own feelings, our own knowing and are being told that science and industry will help us. That science and industry has the sole right to govern our lives. We are being shaped by industry to become the ideal consumers and industry is hiding behind ‘scientific proof’ that is shaped to back up their story or even in many cases to shutout any other options.

Natural electromagnetic radiation from the cosmos, the sun and the earth itself is around us always but the most harmful radiation is filtered by the magnetic field of the earth however some of it is damaging to our health and we take measures to avoid this. Our own physical body and the electromagnetic body around us has developed over millions of years together with these natural fields and have many defense mechanisms. It is when we ignore, over reach or deliberately challenge the laws of nature that the trouble begins. This is now being seen with the huge increase in man-made electromagnetic radiation, from the fields around all of our electricity network through to the scattering of 5G transmitters already in experimental use throughout the world and the billions of wireless transmitters we are using every day. Is this posing a threat to our health? Yes, it is!

So now we not only have the scientific authorities of the world telling us it all perfectly safe but then also having to tell us not to worry and not to bother protecting ourselves. It’s all OK, ‘trust us’ we have done the research they are saying. So, should we bother? Should we protect ourselves, our families and friends? Yes, we should!

Before it is all too late!

What do we recommend? - Three levels of protection.

There are a lot of ideas, theories and products available. Much of it falling into some sort of esoteric and difficult to explain cloud of energy. This then being easy to declare as ‘not scientifically proven’ (from our scientist friends again). However, all of these fall into three easily defined groups:

1. Direct physical protection. Unplugging appliances or gadgets, connecting data cables instead of wireless, using radiation blocking foil, paint, fabric and other physical barriers or even moving house. Anyone can do this.

2. Use of electro-magnetic field producing devices. Plug-in or battery-powered devices that produce a measurable electromagnetic field to counter the radiation effect or to strengthen the resistance of the body to radiation. Available for anyone to tryout in their own way, or with guidance from an experienced practitioner, these products usually give measurable results.

3. The esoteric solutions. These all work in a higher level of subtle energy fields, mostly un-measurable with standard equipment but still, in some way, positively affecting living organisms. This group is the most difficult to explain, it is up to the purchaser to decide themselves, by their own experience if these devices are helping or not. Any results are then subjective; however, they can be of great help to those who have no other options left. These products usually then have minimal side effects and give no interference with electrical appliances or electronics.

Our Living Earth services are mostly in first group, the VIVOBASE products we recommend as a solution fit nicely into the second group and our own Next Generation products will provide the devices that work in the third group. Only the first group works te reduce or eliminate the EM radiation itself. The other two groups work to improve or strengthen our own resistance to the effects of radiation, including geo-magnetic radiation. Usually we begin with the solutions in the first group but then move on to the second to help with EM radiation sources outside our direct influence. This is usually enough to give good results and get people on the road to recovery. For prevention this is also normally enough. Through use of our eVit Life Path reporting and measuring method and the eVit Life Coaching this is all giving measurable results.

It feels very positive to be working in this way and gives us a solid foundation to go further. We are also focusing on providing information and feedback to and from customers, good networking and use of (social) media. Our own research into the ‘new science’ of Quantum Field theory is opening exciting new possibilities that are giving very positive results, however this is at this moment only being used as an extra option and falling clearly into the third group it is undoubtedly still experimental.

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