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A new Wholistic Science

After years of studying the forces behind our visible material world, in order to find out what makes our physical world, we are now presenting this information for the first time on our new website . . . the Alchemist Studio.

The Alchemist studio is the new workspace where we are designing a New Wholistic Science, the co-creation of the new world that will unfold during this turning point in time. You could call it the new Heaven and the new Earth, although that sounds a bit biblical; it is all about re-merging mind and heart, a new Spirit Science, and it is a work in progress. The studio is more of a digital workplace, although it does have a physical location and it also makes a lot of use of the thought-space or thought experiments, where we can travel anywhere and any-time within the infinite bounds of the imagination.

There is already a lot of work being done everyday and plenty of very inspirational information already on the Alchemist studio website. The first book, Quantum Geometry, is now finished and is in the process of being published. This book covers the first insights of how this new science will change our lives, and focuses on the quantum world, the world of the very small, which is vitally important to understanding the building blocks of matter, the ingredients we need for creating our new world. The principles of this 21st century Alchemy are steadily becoming visible and you can already read about them on the digital version of our studio, the website, and later in the book.

Even though this is an unfolding process much of the work has already been done, coming from the old alchemical texts and drawings, the esoteric and spiritual movements of the last century, and the amazing new information flowing in over the last few years. The world is in a rapid state of transformation, we are currently in the paradigm shift that has been spoken about and anticipated since late last century. We have been working towards change and that change is happening now. The current crisis of fear, of uncertainty, and of a new world domination from an invisible world power has already shaken our lives and sent many of us into a tail-spin. We are being faced with change whether we want it or not, however it is also an awakening. The hard reality of chronic economic instability, worldwide resource depletion and environmental catastrophe, and the current health driven focus on a runaway world population is really hitting home. Do we accept this darkness or do we step above it, do we accept a new form of worldwide slavery or do we choose freedom. The choice is still ours to make.

We are putting this new creative workspace, the Alchemist studio, forward as a melting pot of ideas; as a new philosophy of freedom, as a thought space for a new spirituality, for a new science, and for a practical re-discovery of our true society; real world creations, real world tools, that are needed and that will come forth from this co-creation. We now know that we cannot solve this world crisis using the same technology that has put us in this mess, we can only use a new philosophy and a new science. We have taken the first powerful steps and are ready to share what we have created, we are ready for your feedback and your input into this project for the future, this re-creation of the paradise that the earth once was and will be again.

To step forward and step out of our own fears, to step out of the darkness of common stupidity back into the light of common sense requires an understanding of balancing these dualities and is not a simple returning to oneness, returning to a faith in one eternal father. We live in a world of dualities, where it is simply not possible to achieve oneness, other than through an unconscious state of meditation, thought space, or through death itself.

The first step of this new Alchemy is recognizing the dualities of our world, through recognizing that this world is only dualities, and then finding the third aspect of each duality as the key to overcoming division. Bashing from left to right in politics, from one point of view in an argument to the opposite view depending who has the most say, the most power, or the most money, from fighting endless wars based on one ideal or the opposite of that belief, are all the result of extreme dualities that are never solved by choosing the opposite, that are never solved by thinking that you have won. We all thought we had beaten communism, and that capitalism had won, only to discover that the communist countries had never thought of themselves as the losers and that capitalism, as a system of world governance is currently in the middle of its own crisis.

Many of the dualities that we think we know well are often not true opposites at all, the second aspect is often the balance point, the third aspect, that is above the duality and not its opposite. For example with war and peace, peace is usually the finely balanced truce between war where the left wins or war where the right wins. Or what about love and hate, where love is only ever a finely balanced bliss between disagreeing with this belief or disagreeing with that belief. The concept of divide and conquer is so often used to keep two sides at war with each other in order to exert power over the people involved. To put it in black and white, light and dark are not opposites, when we see light in the darkness it is really the balance point, the enlightenment, between two shadows. To find the third aspect, the balance between two opposites, is the only way to reach a sort of oneness, or equality in the physical world. Then you see how powerful these words representing balance are; peace, love, light, life, equality, friendship, harmony, health, stillness and silence. . .

All of the singularities, the one-way arrows of science that we have been educated to believe also turn out to be dualities, when looked at in the physical world, they can not be oneness if we follow the laws of nature, of Alchemy. The best examples are gravity, time and entropy. Gravity is not only attractive, but has an opposite force called levity; the opposite of entropy, the decay of matter into nothing, is syntropy, the building up of matter by life; time always appears to only flow towards the future, however there is also anti-time that flows from the future to the past; matter has its opposite in antimatter, even though science doesn't know where to find it; and space itself has a negative aspect, that is more than empty, called counterspace. Everything in our universe is a duality seeking balance.

Through not recognizing this fundamental law of nature science has reached the end of the road, and this is now openly known as the crisis of science. They are looking for a way out but have severely restricted themselves in where they are allowed to look. A modern 21st century alchemy, a new Wholistic Science offers a new direction, in fact alchemy was the old name for science before it was split up into a fragmented array of specializations. A new alchemy would recombine the many branches of science back into one tree, remove the differentiation's, and restore balance.

The Alchemist studio has already reconciled all of the one-way arrows of science, finding the true partner to complete the duality in each case, and has written about this in the book Quantum Geometry and on the website. This has been so successful that we are also proposing a new wholistic Theory of Everything that explains how the four fundamental forces of physics are all part of the duality of electricity and magnetism, and can be united using just the laws of electromagnetism. Electricity is a repelling force and magnetism an attracting force in alchemy, so electromagnetism is really a natural uniting of two opposites, of mixing fire and water. The key to this breakthrough is in understanding that the duality of matter and antimatter is real, as predicted by quantum physics, and that our universe is made up of exactly equal amounts of matter and antimatter, everywhere, in every star, every atom, particle and every thing, including you. In fact this matter and antimatter tension field is what powers our entire universe. It is a finely-balanced dance between the particles of matter and particles of antimatter, geometrically in-formed, in every atom that ensures that this tension is never broken, and that these opposite particles complement each other rather than annihilating each other.

Alchemy is all about mixing opposites with the intention of finding the balance point, and not the explosion or annihilation of substance. It is about bringing things together, combing, co-creation, creation through love and not creation via a big bang. In many cases the subtle balance-point between two opposites is very hard to reach, but never impossible, this is the art of Alchemy and the way of the future. . . A new Wholisitic Science.

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