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5G - Our final loss of Freedom?

The last in a series of 3 blogs over the 5G network. Is it going to take the world by storm or is it going to take over the world?

With all the advances in technology since the start of the industrial revolution there has been a pioneering phase and then the general application in the wider community. For many of these new inventions this then led to a certain chaos in the world as we got used to the new circumstances. Often this was disruption in the workforce leading to job losses, social unrest, health issues and for many innovations often serious accidents or deaths.

This then almost always led to new improvements, adjustments and guidelines for use, often going on further to rules and laws to ensure safety, practical applications and social acceptance. Good examples of this are in the transport sector with the car and passenger aircraft being governed by strict laws, especially safety laws. The food industry and health care also rely on hundreds of rules, guidelines and laws. So, despite the best intentions of corporations and industry to be self-governing we know well that a conflict of interest quickly develops, and profit begins to take priority above safety or equality.

Regulation in the telecommunication industry is however sadly absent. This is not because it is deemed unnecessary but has more to do with the history of this multi-billion-dollar industry. Firstly, we find of course that in the past telecommunication, in most countries, was directly in the hands of the government and was publicly funded, not profit driven, it was a public service. With quality and safety a high priority. Secondly, we see that up until 25 years ago this technology was safely in low-voltage copper wires and later fiber-optic cables. This posed little or no health or safety issues. Radio, television and radar installations were less common, and the health risks and dangers clearly documented and regulated.

So where are we now? Unfortunately, just at the moment that our governments decided to make some big money by selling off these public services to private corporations we also saw the development of massive wireless networks for mobile communication. The serious discussion that should have happened about the health and safety issues of these networks was left up to these profit-driven companies. Very quickly getting out of hand as the high investment costs needed to be recovered as quickly as possible.

Documentation from the 1990’s showing that the older regulations governing radio-communication and radar installations was pushed aside and quick, poorly orchestrated private industry funded studies were created to declare mobile telephone transmitters to be no risk to human health. These surveys are still being used 25 years later, without any revue, to justify the safety of a much more sophisticated, higher frequency and higher power technology. The current 4G network was not tested for health and safety before being rolled out over virtually every square meter of the earth and the proposed 5G network will also not be tested! Not even the 20,000 5G satellites to be launched in the coming 2 to 3 years. What effect will this have on all life on earth? The idea from the telecom industry and world governments is to just wait and see. Maybe it will all be O.K? However, after 200 years of witnessing so many poorly tested technological innovations go on to cause widespread job and economic losses, suffering and death we are openly walking into a new crisis. And this also despite thousands of studies, hundreds of scientists and doctors and hundreds of thousands of citizens asking to regulate the industry we still have our own governments telling us there is NO risk. This has never been the case before with this sort of far reaching new technology and is definitely not the case now.

Even though we are already seeing the significant adverse health, social and economic effects of the new 4G cellphone towers and the vastly increased Wifi and wireless networks these will not even be the biggest problem with the proposed new 5G network!

5G is not about mobile communication or faster internet download speeds, as is being promoted, but it is about the connecting of machines and the generation of real-time data. Connecting millions of machines and ultimately billions of smartphones and data generators, appliances, gadgets, surveillance cameras, cars and almost everything you can think of, and in fact also millions of things you haven’t even thought of yet. It is the last important piece of the Internet of Everything and it will use your data to create endless, undecipherable algorithms to control every aspect of your life and to remove your last vestiges of freedom. Even though it is not a good time for me to be scaring everyone more than they already are this really is something to be worried about, once we hand our data and our lives over to the super-computers it will not be easy to get it back again. We will only get one chance on this one.

We still have a very real chance to stop 5G. It is not the same as the earlier versions of cellphone towers, 2G, 3G, 4G but something completely new that is being pushed forward under the disguise of being a next generation development, this is what they want us to believe, but we would be foolish to do so. 5G uses higher frequencies (in the radar range), a much higher density of transmitters and highly complex computer technology for beam forming, multiple input multiple output and big data management. However, this also makes it hugely expensive, highly complicated, very fragile and difficult to implement. We need to say no to this now for all these reasons and in the coming few years, as they attempt to push this new technology upon us, we need to take every available chance to stop it.

If the telecom companies and world governments are ultimately successful with the full implementation of 5G our future will change. We might get a faster internet and a virtual reality that works in real-time, without time delay, we might get less denial of service in busy areas or at busy times and maybe our drones, robots and self-driving cars, trucks, taxis and aircraft could finally become a reality. However, it is also vitally important to realize that 5G is not even about autonomous control of machines, houses and cars, the ultimate goal is autonomous control of us, hummanity.

The Trojan horse of this total control is already fully integrated into all of society and in every country, in the farthest corners of the world and even by the remotest indigenous peoples . . . it is the smartphone! A full-fledged computer in your back pocket. We don’t go anywhere without it and tend to spend much more time swiping its flat glass screen than we think or would like. This gadget will become our passport to everything and will very quickly become our only means of payment, our only entry key to our house, car, office, personal data and all government services. It will become very difficult to do anything without our smartphone as you already maybe finding now. With 5G speed and 24-hour uninterrupted service it will take full control of everything in your life and in fact will become unmissable, compulsory.

Life will become much less complicated and much quieter as the super computers crunch our real time data with their own self-written and constantly refined algorithms and take over the management of all of our endless little and boring tasks. The computers will actually be able to take full control as they discover themselves how easy this is, by combining the incredibly massive input of data you have already typed in yourself over the last 10 years with your own real time input of location, actual tasks at hand, available gadgets, computer power and human colleagues, your current health status and of course your current bank balance, all supplied via your 5G connections. The system will know exactly where we are, who we are with, how fast we are traveling, in which car, train or aircraft we are, where we are going and how much we need to pay for the trip. In fact, it will not only already know via the algorithms how much we need to pay, it will have already paid this for us.

So, as you can see nothing will be left to chance anymore, everything will be arranged for us. We won’t have to do anything anymore, even our taxes will be paid ahead of time for us. Our traffic fines will be automatically calculated and paid for us, even parking fees, tolls and a per kilometer tax and CO2 tax as this can now be automatically calculated and paid for us. All we have to do sign in.

This will be your new future. In fact, the algorithms will even be able to tell you on which day you will die, and of course how much it will cost and that you don’t need to worry as it has also already been paid for you. Have a great new life.

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