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5G – Turn up the Power.

After the successful roll-out of the newest mobile telecommunication technology in the last few years with 3G and 4G systems we are now on the way to 5G. But this time it really is going to be different. This is a wholly new system and not just a fine tuning of the older systems that have come before this. So what is it going to bring us and why is it so different? And should we be concerned?

Firstly and most importantly the 5G technology is so new that it is still being invented while it is being installed. This is because of a number of reasons. There is a real push to create a quantum leap in wireless connectivity for the machine oriented world that is being created. This is being called the Internet of Things (IoT) and it is at the moment seen to be very dependent on easily connecting billions of gadgets, equipment and robots without having to worry about all the cables that would normally be necessary. But this then means placing millions of ultra-high to extremely high frequency transmitters throughout the world and finding the most efficient way to process and transmit the gigantic amounts of information that will be produced.

It is this desire for such a hyper-connected world that makes it so difficult for the technology companies to know exactly what to develop and to install. Each telecom company is seeking the ideal system but none of them have found it yet. So they are simply making a bold commitment to create something as they go along. Hoping that it will come as close as possible to that ideal and making changes as they go. Each also hoping that they will become the leader in this technology and eventually acquire the largest market share.

This approach has always worked in the past but with this leap in technology it will be by no means so easy this time. This is what makes it so important to hold these companies accountable for what they are doing. Their desire to move quickly and with a certain undercover approach is in the hope to push this totally new system onto an unsuspecting world before we can mobilize to stop it. However it is starting to look like this approach is going to be less effective. There is still too much to be worked out and the money needed to create such a complex system is not flowing as quickly as they had hoped.

The current mobile network, 4G, and the still necessary 2G and 3G networks are currently more than adequate for our mobile communication needs, including all the demands of mobile internet. The proposed 5G network, although being promoted as vitally necessary for economic growth and for industry, will bring very little practical advantages over what we already have. This is absolutely the most important reason to say NO to 5G. We, as living and communicating people, simply don’t need this incredibly expensive and unproven technology. It is not for us, even though we will be expected to pay for it, it is for the machines, robots and artificial intelligence that is currently replacing us in the workforce.

There is also, quite rightly, the question of safety. Let's have a closer look at this eternally problematic issue. With the already concentrated 3G and 4G networks we are seeing considerable health issues and although the health professionals and scientists like to continually deny that there is any link they are also doing less than nothing to research the already documented problems. We are accepting the layer upon layer approach of mobile and wireless connections without questioning fully the safety issues. There is virtually no other universal, health protection issue that has received so little funding for field research, in fact great sums of money are spent on promoting these systems whilst denying any side effects or health problems.

The promoters of 5G have already said that the final network structures are not yet known and that everything is still in the development and test phase, however at the same time they also continually declare it all to be perfectly safe. How can they make this statement if they don’t even know yet how it will finally work. The gigahertz frequencies to be used have never before been used in such a blanket coverage over the whole of the inhabited world. It is impossible to already say it is safe without having done any laboratory or field trials. It is also not possible to use the existing 3G and 4G network infrastructure as a proof of safety, these are completely different systems that have also had no field research. A declaration from science that it sees no problems yet cannot be very reassuring considering it is based on zero practical real world research.

We are also already seeing the considerable effects of the existing technology on the environment, birds, animals, insects, bees and the whole plant world, especially the more susceptible tree sorts. Will we already be able to also declare 5G as fully safe for all of life on this planet? Who is brave enough to take that responsibility on?

The first indications of the 5G network infrastructure seem to be very optimistic considering the difficulty of using very short, millimeter, wavelength frequencies. These do not travel well, can only cover short distances and are easily blocked by rain, birds, trees and people. This means installing hundreds of thousands of small transmitters throughout the country, in fact every 100 meters or on every street corner. Mostly there will be no consultation with residents as these transmitters are considered to be too small to worry about and will mostly require no towers, being mounted on everything from street signs, lampposts and buildings. There will no longer be any way of trying to find a safe spot between towers, these 5G transmitters will be everywhere. And then you need to also consider the millions of gadgets, machines, cars and drones all connecting continuously to exchange information. This really is a net that will capture everything and everyone.

The 5G transmitters will be smaller and less powerful than their 3G and 4G family but there will of course be more than 10 times as many. In each antenna there will also be more than 10 times as many transmitters to allow beam forming technology to be used for the first time. The first transmitters are also being installed with 10 times as much power capacity as what they have declared as necessary. In other words they are saying that the transmitters are low power, but still building in a much larger capacity so that they can supposedly handle peaks in demand, or simply said they are installing high power transmitters and calling them low power. And for those who have been following this development for a while know that the only difference between a gigahertz transmitter for communication and one for crowd control or mind control is just a question of more power. So why are they really installing high power transmitters when they are not actually needed?

Finally we also have to consider the proposal to launch 20,000 5G satellites into space to provide even more overall 5G coverage. It is almost impossible to believe that world decision makers can even come up with such a plan. This really does move us into a sort of science fiction scenario. At first it seemed to be some sort of deliberate hoax from the industry but the first contract for 7,500 satellites has already been awarded to the company Space-X. They are hoping to fulfill the contract by 2020. And that from a company with zero experience in telecommunication satellites! This is an amazing example of Turn up the Power and see what happens. It is now or never. We don’t have any other choice than to stop this insane plan to cover the globe in an alien, life threatening technology. The choice should be ours and not lie in the hands of profit driven corporations. This is the REAL challenge that confronts us for the 21st century. After this it will be computers, artificial intelligence (algorithms), the cloud and robots making the decisions, not us. Then it will be too late. This is a social, economic and philosophical discussion not a technological or scientific discussion. Are you ready to get involved?

Come along to the open discussion on 5G and ElectroSmog at the Massage en Complementaire Vakbeurs on the 16th of March. For Expo tickets with discount, use the code SMOG

Or sign the 5G Space Appeal.

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